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Registration Terms

(v. EN_1.0 - last updated on 09/08/2018)

The Terms of Use (the "Terms") described below are the basis of our relationship with you, the rights and responsibilities that all users of our site must follow. The language of this document may seem to you too official (and for this there are objective reasons), but we did our best to read them simply and clearly, as well as consciously using our sites, understanding and condition (which constitute a binding agreement between us and you).

Using our website, you not only discover the world of Ford Transit cars, but also agree to these Terms that determine your rights and affect your duties. You have every right to refuse to use the site if you do not agree to these Terms (including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, as well as other policies or rules that are an integral part of the site).

Some functions of our site may be subject to additional rules or conditions. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before using the relevant functions, and consider them an addition to the current members.

The information you provide for registration on the site must be reliable

The data you provide to access the site or to some of its functions must be complete and reliable, including your current age. We do not, as such, have age restrictions for registering on the site, however, you should understand that users of the site can post content not intended for children, so we do not recommend using our site for a person under 13 years of age.

If we consider that you provided inaccurate or incomplete information, we reserve the right to deny you access to the site or to any related resources, and to delete your account or suspend its operation.

Declaration on the privacy of the Internet

The inviolability of your privacy is very important to us. To improve the protection of your privacy, we provide explanations about our practice of processing information and about the choices that you can make about how your information will be collected and used within our site. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Trademarks and copyrights

Our site, as well as some of the content used by us, including logos and other images, etc., Protected copyrights, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary rights, are therefore protected as authorized trademarks, trade names and/or marks services, individuals and/or organizations. Using the site, you do not acquire any ownership rights to the site or the content contained therein. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and ask the users of the site to do the same.

Claims for copyright infringement

If you believe that any materials provided within or accessible from the site violate your copyrights, you can contact us to request the removal of these materials (or access to them).

Use of our materials

You have the right to use our site or other content presented on it solely on condition that you agree to these facilities. You do not have the right to modify the site or content of our site or use it for purposes not permitted by real facilities. Such prohibited activities violate these conditions and may be a violation of copyright and/or illegal use of trademarks.

You have the right to access the content of our site and display it for non-commercial, private, entertainment use on any computer, tablet or mobile mode that you own or use. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute or use the content, access to which without the participation of a link to our site. In addition, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling, or otherwise affecting the code, the use of any site software in order to bring it into a readable form to study the structure of such software and/or copy or create other products based or partially) on such software is prohibited.

Public content

Public materials, content, information and opinions contained and/or expressed on the pages of our site may not coincide with our point of view or with the point of view of content providers. We are not obligated to monitor such content and verify the content of the site and reserve the right to remove or modify such content without warning or liability at any time at our discretion. With respect to any publicly available content, the disclaimer of the warranty and liability stated below is applied.

Custom Content

We want our site to help you share information with others and get it from them! That's why we developed a variety of functions that will allow you to do this.

Nevertheless, since we want to protect you and other users and make sure that our website causes only positive emotions, we reserve the right (but not the obligation) to delete or refuse to distribute any user-generated content through the site at any time, suspend the operation of user accounts or delete them, as well as blocking participants without any responsibility towards us, including cases where such user content, in our opinion, violates these Terms, in including internal rules, or any additional conditions, or contains other materials that we consider undesirable.

We also reserve the right to respond to requests and user reports sent to the support service through the complaint mechanism or other means of communication with us, to protect the rights or security of users, as well as the site as a whole.

Using us user-generated content

We will consider everything that you provide to us, including feedback, ideas or suggestions and/or contribution to this site, available for use, free from any obligations towards you (including any payment). We do not undertake to pay you any compensation for the use of your ideas or suggestions under any circumstances.

Responsibility for use

You can use our website and its content only for lawful purposes and in accordance with applicable law, and you are prohibited from storing, distributing or transmitting any illegal materials through this website, otherwise you may be subject to criminal and/or civil liability.

You agree that if any third party claims that the material you published on our site is illegal, the burden of proving the legality of such material lies with you.

You understand and agree that responsibility for all materials posted publicly on the site or transmitted privately through the site is borne by their sender, not by us. You are responsible for all the materials that you upload, publicly post on the site or otherwise transmit through the site.

Illegal use; Bulk messaging

In particular, you agree not to send, create or reply to mass mailings of so-called "mail bombs" (ie, send copies of one message to many users or send large or multiple files or messages to one user with malicious intent).

In addition, you undertake not to engage in "mass mailing" (that is, sending messages for business or other commercial purposes) without the consent of the Administration, as well as not taking any other actions that could adversely affect the operation of the site or violate a positive impression of the use of the site, including by placing malicious programs on the site.

You may not copy, sell, resell or otherwise use any resource, or access to any resource that is part of this site.

Security of user accounts

When creating a user account, choosing a password and giving your name, you are responsible for all actions performed under your account.

If you become aware of any unauthorized use or violation of the security of your account, or if your password has become known to others, you agree to notify us immediately.

We are not responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of the use of your account by unauthorized persons, secretly or with your knowledge. At the same time, you can be held liable for any losses that we or someone else incurred in connection with the use of your account by unauthorized persons.

We have the right to monitor the security of your account and password for it, and require you to change the password at any time at your discretion.

Violation of the safety systems

You are prohibited from using any services or tools that endanger security or interfere with the operation of the site.

The use or distribution of tools designed to reduce the level of security (for example, programs for the selection of passwords, hacking tools, malware and network analysis tools) is strictly prohibited.

If your actions in any way violate the security of the site, we reserve the right to transfer your data to system administrators of other sites, law enforcement agencies and/or government authorities to help resolve security issues.

Termination of use

We sincerely want you not to stop using our site, however you can stop the relationship with us at any time.

To do this, you can simply stop using the site, or, if necessary, send a request to delete your account. In cases provided by law, we have the right to revoke your rights within the site without prior notice.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability

Despite the fact that we make great efforts to rid our site of errors and interruptions in work, we still can not promise that these efforts will lead to the same desired results. You use this site at your own risk.

No communication, expressed in oral or written form, or advice from our side, can be considered a representation of any guarantees.

The site and all materials, information, software and hardware, services and other content on the site are provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE", without any guarantees, express or implied.

You agree to indemnify us and indemnify us for any and all claims, claims, obligations, claims for costs or expenses, as a result of your breach of these Terms, including any of the foregoing provisions, statements or warranties, for posting or transferring any content to you site and/or any use of your account.

If you have a dispute with one or more users, you agree to indemnify us from claims, demands, liabilities, expenses or costs and damages (actual and indirect of any kind and nature, known or unknown, arising from or in any way connected with such disputes).


We may seek to collect information from a user suspected of violating these Terms and from any other user. We have the right to suspend the use of the site by any users whose conduct or publications are the subject of investigation, and within this we can remove from our site any materials at our discretion and without prior notice.

If we deem that these Terms have been violated, we have the right to modify or modify any provided content, publications or emails, delete materials without recovery, cancel publications, warn users, suspend user accounts and passwords to them, delete accounts users, or apply other corrective measures at their discretion.

We have the right to provide all kind of support to any law enforcement agency, as well as execute court orders containing a request or instruction to disclose the identity of any user who publishes any content, or otherwise makes available any materials that were found to be in violation of these Terms.

Preserving rights

We reserve the right to change or terminate, temporarily or permanently, the operation of all or any part of this site and/or any software, facilities and services on this site, with or without notice, and/or establish general principles and limitations on their use .

Local legislation

We do not declare that our site is accessible for use or authorized by law in any particular place. When deciding to use the site, you do so on your own initiative and are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, relevant local laws and regulations.

You are responsible for compliance with local laws in those cases and to the extent that local laws are applicable.

You separately agree to comply with all applicable laws that relate to the transfer of technical data exported from the country in which you reside.

Third Party Services

This site can link you to other sites on the Internet and third-party partners that cooperate with us to provide you with certain services. Such sites may contain information or materials that some people may regard as inappropriate or offensive.

These sites are not under our control, and you understand that regardless of whether such sites are connected to us in any way or not, we are not responsible for accuracy, copyright compliance, validity, decency, or any other characteristics content of such sites, and that you use such sites in accordance with their respective terms of use.

The use of a link to such a site does not imply endorsement of any site on our part, or any association with its owners.

Changes to the Terms

From time to time, as we develop our site, we can update these Terms.

With each update, we ask users to accept the new Terms at their next login. However, in any case, by using the site, you agree to be responsible for periodically reviewing these Terms and Conditions to ensure that you agree with its changes.

You can always see the current version at https://fordtransit.club/terms/. If you do not agree with any provisions of the updated Terms, you must stop using the site and/or send a support request to remove your account. Continuing to use any of the services of the site, you accept all changes to these Terms.

Contact Information

Please send any comments or complaints about the work of the site to techsupport@fordtransit.club, on privacy issues, to privacy@fordtransit.club, and on other issues to support@fordtransit.club or use the feedback form link to which is available at the bottom of every page of our site.

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